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  1. 1. When you visit our website, your computer transmits your IP address to us, and depending on the nature of your visit to our website and your computer’s settings, as part of this process, we save Cookies (small text files on your hard drive). We create these files so that our website functions better for you. It is a form of short-term memory of your browser. You can switch off this short-term memory by making the appropriate adjustments within your browser.
  2. 2. We also place text files on our system, which could contain the following information about you: type of browser and browser version, operating system used, the URL of the website which you came from, the name of your computer and the time of your visit (‘Log files’), IP address etc. The Log files are not assignable to a specific person by us.
  3. 3. However, we reserve the right to subsequently assess this Data in individual cases if there are specific reasons that indicate unlawful use. The Log files help us to understand on which kind of computers our web pages must function and when a particularly large (or small) number of people are using our web pages. In this way, website structure, servers and database systems can be adjusted accordingly.
  4. 4. When you create a subscriber account with us as a customer (e.g. by ordering items/data, having a newsletter sent to you, etc.), we create a customer account for you in our system. This account contains the master data that you have provided to us, your order and, where applicable, your billing data. We store and process this data to fulfil your various requests and keep informing you about various offers, current campaigns and offers we are promoting.
  5. 5. Whatever data we have of our subscribers and users it remains with us and we do not share it with anyone

Indiastat Publications


A first-of-its-kind Election Atlas of India which depicts a journey of progression of parliament elections since independence in the form of impressive graphs, charts and thematic maps...



Each Factbook contains details of a parliamentary constituency - from historic election results to demographic and electoral features...



Each Factbook contains details of an assembly constituency - from historic election results to demographic and electoral features...



Each Factbook contains detailed information about a district including socio-economic, industrial, elections and many other aspects. Of the 640 districts of India, the Factbooks of 620 districts are available...